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The grass is always green on the other side! Those with oily skin wish their skin could be dry so they don’t have to worry about pimples, spots and blackheads, but people with dry skin want their skin to be moisturized and prevent early onset of wrinkles. While you can’t alter your skin type, you can definitely balance it with these products.

Exfoliating Walnut Shell Scrub

Taking care of dry skin might not involve washing the face and keeping it clean several times a day, but it certainly needs moisturizing. If you don’t maintain proper moisture content, wrinkles will appear quickly. Overly dry skin becomes scaly and rough as well, which gets irritable and inflamed.


This walnut shell scrub is just what you need to keep your skin free from dirt and grime, while ensuring the skin is nurtured from deep within. Unlike other exfoliators that tear and damage skin, you get soft, healthy and glowing skin if you use this scrub regularly. It exfoliates dead skin cells, minimizes pores, and moisturizes to the base of your skin. Use the scrub on wet skin, and massage gently in circular motions, especially on rough areas. Rinse properly and pat dry when you are done.

Walnut Face & Body Scrub Scrub
Brightening Lemon Glow Scrub
Oily skin is problematic, and if you don’t pay attention to it, your skin health goes for a toss. Regular cleansing is a must, or else pores get blocked, ugly breakouts happen, blackheads and whiteheads make an appearance, etc. You don’t have to indulge in complex skincare routines – just ensure the face doesn’t get too dirty or overly oily for long periods of time.
The lemon glow scrub is great for people who suffer from breakouts and other skin related issues associated with oily skin. It is specifically formulated to benefit acne-prone skin. The lemon present in it helps to tighten pores and evens out skin tone, while sugar gently eradicates dead skin cells and cleanses pores. Olive oil works wonders when it comes to acne scarring and honey prevents breakouts in future. The scrub gives your skin a naturally radiant appearance, while help to repair it. Always use the scrub in circular motion on wet skin. When you are finished, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
Oily skin and dry skin both have their own specific needs and you will have to cater to them depending on your own skin type. These scrubs improve skin health and texture, so please use them consistently to get desired results.

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