Skin Lightening Soap


This Citrus Skin Lighten Soap is made of fresh lemon essential oil and glutathione to effectively remove darks spots and whiten skin. Use this soap daily to remove skin imperfections and exude confidence like never before in no time!



  • Exfoliation- Lightens dark spots and smoothes the skin by exfoliating dead skin to improve skin tone.
  • Stimulates Collagen- Minimizes the cell damage caused by free radicals and stimulates the production of skin collagen.
  • Reduces Melanin Production- Lightens skin by interrupting the action of the enzyme tyrosinase which stimulates melanin production in the skin.
  • Anti-pimple- Balances overactive sebaceous glands that lead to oily, blemished skin, which causes acne pimples to dry up.


  • Type: For Face & Body  
  • Functions: Whitening  
  • Ingredient: Lemon essential oil, Glutathione , Kojic acid , Vitamin C
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